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is a cycling apparel brand founded in 2013 by respected cyclist Allan Oras. When making clothes moomoo brings together functional world-class fabrics, crafting skills and Estonian design. This way we create quality that can be felt by all cyclists. Among other clients, moomoo also dresses the cyclists in the national and Olympic team of Estonia.



Allan Oras

My name is Allan Oras. I pedalled around with my first cycling apparel articles as early as 1988. My races on a number of Estonian, Latvian, French and Italian cycling teams and 15 years on the national team of Estonia resulted in a marathon win at the European Mountain Bike Championships in 2009.

This has led me to have first-hand experience with regard to the importance of the development of cycling apparel over the past decades. In 2013 I founded moomoo, which specialises in the production of cycling apparel, to pass on the knowledge and experience I took from professional sport. I am also glad to be able to apply my expertise in the creation and development of our products. Just as with cycling, I feel it is important to have a close-knit team and to move towards shared goals. Strong teamwork is the warranty of moomoo’s high quality.

My race is on.

Allan Oras

About moomoo

moomoo’s team

moomoo, which started off with just two employees, has grown to include a staff of more than 10 people where everyone is dedicated to their job.

Our goal is to be more than just another cycling apparel brand. We allow our partners to have insight into the production process by involving them in the design work. To this end, we create a mutually understanding relationship with every client and establish their needs in order to refer to them when producing their apparel articles. The prerequisite for creating unique and appropriate cycling apparel is a personal approach.

We can be sure of the quality of our articles as they are all made in one place.

Premium sports fabrics and reliability have built moomoo’s reputation quickly in Estonia and abroad. Our range of products is designed to suit Nordic weather conditions and provide everything necessary for in-season as well as off-season cycling.

The development work of our employees is complemented by the input received from the professional athletes who also test moomoo’s new products as well as the feedback we receive from recreational cyclists.

As of 2014 moomoo also dresses the cyclists on the national team of Estonia, just as we did the cyclists taking part in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

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  • Foundation of moomoo with two employees
  • Basic series – gilet and long-sleeved jersey
  • Beginning of cooperation with Hawaii Express


  • First products for children
  • Pro series products
  • Becomes the cycling apparel partner of Tour of Estonia
  • Co-operation with Hawaii Express Estonian Cup
  • Co-operation with Eesti Rahva Velotuur
  • Estonia’s national cycling team clothing partner


  • Our very own sewers
  • Move to a new address at Riia 138c, Tartu
  • First products for women
  • Co-operation with MTB Est


  • Pro collection
  • Rio Olympic Games
  • Co-operation with Mina olen Jalgrattru magazine
  • ‘Best new undertaking in Tartu’ title


  • EST.1918 collection
  • Riparo jacket
  • Dryarn® base layers
  • All new website with product catalogue